What is the Customer Value Alignment Blog?

All about Customer Value, VoC, Analytics, and more

On the Customer Value Alignment Blog, we create and share content for Customer Value Leaders, whether you’re a C-Level, director, supervisor, educator, author, or just want to learn all you can about CV.  

Our main topics are Customer Value, Voice of Customer, Marketing, Analytics, and more. These topics are broad and cover a huge variety of industry disciplines. No matter how you got here, you’re sure to find something useful for your field! 

The Customer Value Alignment Blog is written by the Worthix team. 

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We close the gap

Between what value means to your customer and the value your business is delivering.

Customer Value is the ultimate factor behind customers’ decisions of expenditure and loyalty. But there is often a gap between customers’ perception of value and the value a company delivers. We help enterprises perpetually thrive by continuously tracking customer value and pinpointing opportunities to innovate, act, and close the value gap.

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