Insights Without Actionability Only Create Noise


Within our Customer Value Alignment (CVA) framework, companies can use insights found in customer-led conversations to understand where to focus their efforts to have a greater impact on their customers’ perception of the company, product, or service. These are the three steps in the cycle:  

  • Step 1: Track customer value 
  • Step 2: Find actionability 
  • Step 3: Co-create innovation 

Tracking customer value is very important but finding actionability is where things get interesting because it is the only way to drive business decisions that can deliver customer value instead of creating noise.

Acting on the insights you find 

How do you find actionability in your insights? Most of our customers start using Worthix when they are already tracking their customers’ satisfaction in one way or another. What they struggle to do, however, is find a way to make those insights actionable, and that’s where Worthix comes in. Many users find actionable insights in the results straight away. For example, a car manufacturer who was focused on “safety” and “durability” in their messaging learned through Worthix and their customer’s responses that “power” resonated better amongst their customers. They were able to use this insight to shift their marketing strategy to reflect the way satisfied customers viewed their cars.  

Actionability Explorer

Another way to find actionability is through the “Actionability Explorer” which allows you to filter the dashboard, using your respondent’s metadata. Through this, you can dive deeper into a specific demographic or subset of respondents to get a better idea of their perception of value specifically. With these insights, you can make strategic decisions based on the demographics you are hoping to target moving forward, or ones which you have been struggling with. 

Alternatively, this tool can be used to understand the impact of some of your current efforts. For example, a Worthix user in the timeshare space gave 50% of potential buyers a 20-minute presentation on how they compete with their competitors before their scheduled tour and a detailed explanation of their offering. They were able to then filter their Worthix results to compare those who received the presentation and those who did not. What they found was that half who were given the presentation had a more favorable perception of value than those who weren’t. They used this to advise their sales team to use this tactic with 100% of prospective buyers.  

Worthix is the tool that allows you to make strategic decisions based on data, in a way that keeps your entire company aligned and focused on a handful of goals from the same trusted source. What is more trustworthy than what your customers are saying directly? Through the CVA cycle, once you find actionability, we also encourage you to further engage with your customers to get their input on potential changes you are looking to make. We will explain the third stage of the CVA framework next, co-create innovation. Until then, au revoir! 

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Ariana Kamran

Ariana Kamran

Ariana Kamran works closely with RevOps as well as Customer Success at Worthix to make sure our clients are always satisfied and having their needs met. Dedicated to delivering customer value, Ariana is committed to harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology in order to keep customers and the companies they work with as aligned as possible. With a global reach, Ariana has worked in RevOps for Riskified as well as operational intelligence and security strategy development for GEMA, Draco Group and Cycurity.



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